Investment Partners - A powerful team yields powerful returns.
V-Ten Capital Partners includes three teams of the most forward-thinking change agents who cross a broad spectrum of market sectors. This proactive co-investment paradigm gives V-Ten the working capital, the expertise and an extensive array of business models that cross various geographies, verticals and industries. The long-term and close-knit working relationships established by V-Ten’s partners give portfolio companies a distinct advantage over competitors.

Here is some basic information on the investment partnerships that add to V-Ten’s core competencies:

Riverwood Capital Partners, LLC. -

Riverwood is a globally-focused, high-growth private equity firm specializing in the technology and service sectors. Taking an active role in the development of its portfolio companies, the assigned management teams drive complete operational efficiency and growth of earnings potential. Established by a talented group of private equity and technology industry executives, Riverwood offers a unique combination of operational, strategic, financial and technical insight to investment candidates.

Eyrie Capital Partners, LLC

Eyrie is a Washington, DC-based private equity funding firm whose diverse portfolio of companies includes those in the leading-edge and expanding sectors of life sciences and emerging technologies.

Realty Ventures Group -

RVG is a Richmond, VA-based real estate management and development firm. Founded in 1994, RVG principals have managed over one billion dollars worth of land, residential and commercial developments. As the exclusive manager of V-Ten Capital Partners' extensive real estate portfolio, RVG’s expertise adds yet another layer of advanced and dynamic resources to our investment capabilities.