Our Investment Approach and Commitment – 24/7 Overdrive.
V-Ten Capital Partners invests primarily in pre-revenue and early-stage companies.  We are incessantly on the lookout for the opportunity to partner with exceptional management teams of breakthrough companies where our combined experience can propel the advancement of solid business plans and enhance their strategic values.  Our approach to investing and adding value to our portfolio companies is founded upon meticulous fact-based analysis that drives decisions, enhances operations and strategically delivers change. Our principals have successfully used this data-driven approach throughout their careers and are well-versed at building companies and generating superior returns on their investments.
Our philosophy is to approach each investment collaboratively with the management team to build exceptional long-term value. We like to be “hands on” in that we stay closely in touch with our portfolio partners through monthly and quarterly update meetings, during which we review financial statements, budgets and progress on key initiatives. Our principals bring a unique blend of experiences to our portfolio investments. This allows us to contribute in key strategic areas and add value to these businesses along with the invested capital. We are structured in a way that allows for quick decision making and have relationships with key professionals who can provide support with marketing, financing and technology. We believe strongly in structuring our investments with our interests closely aligned with those of the operating principals, so that every player involved has an unparalleled opportunity for success.